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Isn't this a cool profile? Thanks to tomorrow_brings for it! a place for my graphics and spazzes. So feel free to leave comments so that I can improve! Oh and the awesome Brittana Mood Theme is made by mooners_icons.
About Me;
My name is Kayla and I'm from the vast lands of Texas. I'm very into Korean music, hence most of the stuff I do will be centered around Korean artists. Doesn't mean I won't dabble into my TV shows, movies, or mangas!
Like I said before, I love KPoP. My bias is SNSD, more specifically Tiffany. I've been following them 2 months after they debuted, such a long time~. It would take too long to name out all the groups I like because, honestly, I like all. ONLY talk to me about KMusic, not Kdramas because I don't watch them, I love my American TV shows. Criminal Minds, Bones, CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: NY,and the Mentalist are just a few that I watch weekly. My favorite series has got to be HP. Also like the Magic Circle series and Dan Brown's books. AND I'M IN LOVE WITH TWILIGHT THE MOVIE. Notice I said movie instead of series? I can't stand the plot and I don't think Edward is the perfect boyfriend (HE STALKED HER ._.) but the movie has tons of eye candy like Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene.